Sunday, 5 February 2012


I have always been into zombie films, and when Halloween roles around, its a chance to get out the make-up and face paints for something a little different. Halloween 2011 I tried something a little bit different by adding some particularly new features to my zombie transformation: toilet paper and PVA glue. I had a little session on youtube watching some Halloween make-up tutorials, and whilst watching the zombie uploads I came across this incredible video where a girl made her whole face look like a mass of peeling, rotting, bleeding, scabbing flesh by using these two things plus normal paints, face paints and make-up. Although I didn't go to the full extreme to do my whole face, I created a slightly more subtle but still gruesome version; a fairly new turned zombie if you like. By layering up wrinkled toilet paper smothered in PVA glue, then painting over using face paints and my own make-up i successfully managed to create 3-Dimensional bloody wounds and scars on my face and neck. The rest of my make up was simple and dark, with shading to create bruising to my already pale skin. I probably should have tried this new technique before the night itself as they didn't seem to stay on all night but luckily I think i found the remedy for that. My only regrets: not using enough glue & not getting more detailed photographs.

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