Thursday, 9 February 2012


I've always been really interested in the 1940s & 1950s and wanted to do a photoshoot inspired by these eras. The direction I took on the photoshoot was from a 1950s housewife's point of view, I wanted it to be very glamorous but rather domesticated and structured. I supplied the wardrobe and as usual created the make-up and hair. I wanted to stick with the traditional aesthetics with high waisted A-line skirts, fitted cardigans, button up shirts, elasticated waist belts, high heels, head scarves, bold colours and prints, flower hair clips, pill bow hats, beautiful hair and stunning make-up. I really enjoyed the photoshoot, plus my wonderful model Mae suited my ideas perfectly, her full lips and big eyes worked beautifully. I explored a few different hair ideas and the make-up consisted of flawless skin, big ruby lips, sleek eye-liner, beautiful lashes and golden eyelids. I really enjoyed styling for this shoot and getting the whole ensemble together. I really enjoyed the photoshoot, and Mae looked beautiful.

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