Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Recently, TV/radio star & fashionista Fearne Cotton held an online make-up/nail art competition, with entrants having the chance to win a collection of her new make-up line, which I must say is beautiful. Both the packaging and products are gorgeous, very feminine with a mix of floral and animal prints with the products produced in wonderful colours. My friend Chhimmi and I entered the competition, but unfortunately there were some complications with the amount of time it took for our final images to be uploaded into the entrant gallery which meant we were too late which was such a shame, luckily we enjoyed the process so it wasn't a total waste. Green seems to be one of the colours that dominates my eye-shadow collection so thought I would take advantage of that and use it as the main colour for my design. I used a collaboration of different green shades along with black, black liquid eye-line, black eye-liner, white high-lighter pencil, top and bottom false eye lashes, black mascara, silver gems and black gems. Due to the greens I came to the title 'Ivy', but as it was quite a severe eye design it reminded me of the idea and aesthetics of envy, so ended with 'Ivy/Envy' which coincidentally sounded quite perfect. Chhimmi wanted to create a sculptural and contemporary design using monochrome shades with a hint of colour which she managed to do so beautifully. Although we technically didn't enter the competition, it was nice to have a fun little experiment.