Tuesday, 17 January 2012


When I'd moved up to University for my Degree in September after my Foundation Diploma, my wonderful friends/house mates and I ventured out on a jungle themed night at a local bar/club. My love for stripes took over and I decided to go styled as a zebra. I'd never dressed up as one before and thought although the make-up would be simple, would just be a bit of fun. My Make-up consisted of my usual black, striking eyebrows and black liquid eyeliner on the top lids, but I brought the flicks out quite far to make them look more dainty. I applied a lot of white highlighter to make my eyes look wider, false eyelashes that were large and pointed and resembled the wonderful eyelashes of a zebra, and created stripes onto my face using a variety of different black and white cosmetics to see what worked best. I sculpted a large quiff and a back-combed ponytail to represent a mane. My clothes were simple and consisted of a striped t-shirt, a black high waisted skirt, black tights & black shoes. It was just a fun piece of styling for a night out that we all dressed up for & had a good time.

Monday, 16 January 2012


Although the 'Hair Bow' style has been around for a while, I finally decided that I had/needed to know how to do them. My wonderful friend/house mate Chhimmi and I watched some tutorial videos and started putting our newly gained knowledge into practice. Armed with a mountain of bobby pins, we had a practice and successfully mastered the bows. It was a lot of fun and its always wonderful learning new things.



On a few occasions I've had the chance to do some event photography at a local alternative club that I've been going to for a few years now in my home town. My favourite event to photograph was Halloween 2010, everybody was dressed up as some crazy characters, in steriotypical halloween costumes or in more scary realistic dress. It was a chance to have some fun with my lovely friends, take some wonderful photos that I could treasure and that the club could use to advertise. I thought I'd put up some of my favourite photographs from the events.

Other popular nights at the club are the UV nights they put on. Everybody seems to get in the mood, and in at least some way contribute themselves to the ultra-violet cause. These are some of my favourite photos from UV6.