Sunday, 4 March 2012


A few of my friends and I have grouped up and decided to start setting up photoshoots in our spare time. The idea of the shoots is to all get a chance to direct, style, photograph and be a make-up artist as well as have have some wonderful photographs to show for it. For this shoot we shot in early February, Amy took the role as creative director, Chhimmi was the MUA and hair stylist, Tom was the photographer, Heidi was our beautiful model and I was the stylist in terms of clothes, shoes and accessories. Amy wanted to create a "rock chick" look, and took TV star & musician Taylor Momsen as her inspiration. She's young, bold and experimental with her style and perfect for Amy's overall idea. We chose locations that would match up and represent the style we were portraying in the photos, we chose edgy, real and gritty spots in London with walls, stairs, concrete and fences that were broken, cracked and stained with graffiti. We wanted it to be on the streets and true to the style. We chose Heidi to model as she seemed perfect for this shoot, she can work various looks, very versatile, stunning and works well with the camera. For the styling I wanted to incorporate big/biker boots, lace/leather leggings, leather jacket, denim shorts/jeans/gilet, suspenders, leopard print, big & baggy vests with large arm holes, band t-shirts, chunky boots/heels, anything with studs and things that were ripped, torn or grazed was a bonus. I wanted to stay true to the style and play around with the styling to make it work as much as possible. Although we were very lucky it didn't rain on the day of the shoot, it was extremely cold but worked through it and ended up with some really nice photos. Overall it was a very successful day and I am really happy with the final images. The images I have carefully chosen to feature I have specifically picked out from the many photos taken during the photoshoot, and as you can see, I have featured a fair few number of them but it was so difficult to narrow the selection down I just thought "WHY NOT?" and posted up my favourites. 

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