Sunday, 11 March 2012


During the Imaging section of this first year at uni, we participated in a 2 day live poster workshop. The idea was to group up and create and replicate a film poster from any generation and genre. We all decided we wanted an old horror poster to work with and ended up choosing the 1958 film, “The Crawling Eye”. We liked the different elements within the poster and thought we could have a lot of fun with it. We all chipped in doing different jobs and used a variety of materials from cardboard to old pairs of tights stuffed with newspaper. We wanted the end result to look “terribly good” and I think we achieved that. We did leave out a few minor details though, as they wouldn't show up in the end photos. It was actually quite an interesting and fun experience and something I've not done before. It was nice working with people I hadn't worked with before and we had a lot of fun participating in the workshop. We also decided to use our only male group member as the main female character, as we thought it would add to our fantastic mess. We all got involved in holding up the scenery and being in the photograph, we wanted it to be very obvious that it was all being held up and together.

These are a few photos I took of us hard at work. We worked really well together and got everything done in time. It was quite nice to be able to get back to basics and have some good old fun with paint.
These are our final images. We wanted to include a lot of group participation and get everybody from our group into the photos. The end result was terribly good.

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