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I had the wonderful opportunity to work backstage as a dresser at Pure London again this August - it's the UK's leading fashion trading event and the place to be for existing and up and coming fashion brands. It's fantastic to witness this season's new collections from brands old and new, especially in action on the runway. The event sources hundreds of womenswear, young fashion, footwear, accessory, childrenswear and ethical fashion brands, with a HUGE range in different styles. As the number of dressers was slightly higher this year, we only dressed two of the four shows this time around, and dressing 4 shows a day gave us a little more time to admire what the event had to offer.

Above are some shots I took around the venue - Kensington Olympia. At a higher level you could really take in how huge the event really was, and that was only part of one section! (LARGE LEFT). Here are also some shots around the stalls, a sweet little cafe with lovely striped garden chairs and garden gnome stalls. The 'fabulous' bar and a shot of a season trend talk on the young fashion catwalk stage.

Above are photographs of some accessory stalls on the upper floor of the venue. The first and largest image is of some beautiful pieces from the collection by Pearls and Girls. The lovely handbag stall accompanied by a chandelier belonged to brand Juno, and the very cute, gold encrusted handbag and purse stall belonged to the brand Lie Down I Think I Love You.

  Above are some more accessory stalls. On the left is a lovely lady from the Vivien Sheriff stall sporting an incredible fascinator from their wonderful hat and fascinator collection. The photograph in the top right is a shot of the completely beautiful stall decoration at Disaster, and below are the simple yet OH-so-chic touches at the Orelia stall - I especially loved the vintage bottles used to display some of their lovely necklaces.

Above are new collection shoes from Bourne England, Iron Fist & Supertrash (LEFT TO RIGHT).

 Stalls from brands Darling, Mat De Misaine, Sebastian Ellrich and Supertrash (ABOVE).
I particularly liked how chic the Darling stall was with the floral china, and how bold the Supertrash stall was.

Stalls from Uttam Boutique, Emmy, Kat Von D - Los Angeles & Fever (ABOVE).
I'm a complete lover of 1940/50's fashion and fell in love with pieces in Emmy's collection. I also had a soft spot for the more alternative fashion pieces in Kat Von D's collection.

I absolutely loved the ladies on the Poppy stall, they were oh so lovely and
 their collection was VERY sweet! - 19050's style with a twist.

The extravagant sheer and lace pieces are from brand Catwalk Collections
the very sweet check dress and friends from Cutie and the simple nautical collection from Nissa.

Here are some cheeky shots from clothes rails at various stalls. I wanted to show the variation in colour, texture, print and style throughout the show. Above are collections from Almatrichi, Caramelo, Daisy May, Forever Unique, Frau Blau, Kuccia, Kat Von D, Olimara, Part Two and Rino & Pelle as well as others.

Above is a small selection of photographs I took at the Womenswear catwalk show, showcasing collections from brands such as Bourne England, Derhy, Catwalk Collections, Vivid Flair and Sarah Pacini

 Above and below are some of the photographs I took backstage in the dressing room of the Young Fashion (Spirit) catwalk where I was dressing. ABOVE- in the photo on the top left are the shoes my lovely model, Bruna Miranda used in the Spirit shows, and in the bottom right are a snap of some of the clothes on her rail. Dotted around are some photos of the models, all of which were absolutely lovely. The fantastic choreographer, Oke, (TOP RIGHT) really knew what he was doing and one of the coolest guys ever. 
Above are a few shots of my Brazillian model Bruna Miranda with Kat Nemcova, the Slovakian beauty with a real talent. Both girls were absolutely lovely and SO gorgeous! There are also some photos in the dressing room in and out of showtime. In the bottom left are the incredible Jeffrey Campbell platforms that were paired up with my Kat Von D look. 

I worked with items from brands such as Iron Fist, Kat Von D - Los Angeles, Forever Unique, AngelEye, Little Mistress, Glamorous, Danity and Influence

I really enjoy working backstage- you get to dress with some beautiful clothes, work with some gorgeous models and meet some lovely people. It's very exciting working behind the scenes in the hustle and bustle of a fashion show! Such a wonderful experience. 
(ABOVE)We managed to grab a quick glance of our girls on the catwalk during the final walk on 
the last show of the last day - it was a weirdly proud moment and a lovely end to Pure August 2012.

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