Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Everybody loves trying out new cosmetics, whether it’s nail varnish, eyeliner or false eyelashes, and being a curious individual with a passion for the 1940s and 1950s, I’m in love with red lipstick. Recently I have been hunting for a stunning dark red, burgundy like shade, but the task is proving to be more difficult than I’d originally thought to find that perfect colour. Whilst venturing around town , I popped into Poundland, the place for occasional necessities and rare gems, and fell upon a pack of three Sally Hansen cosmetics for the wonderful price of, you guessed it, £1. There were a fair few varieties of assorted products, but I was drawn to one pack in particular that included a gorgeous dark red lipstick. The pack consisted of  ‘Line Smoothing Mineral Lip Treatment’ in Rose Quartz, ‘Hard as Nails/Hard as Wraps’ nail varnish in Heartbeat Crème and ‘Colour Comfort Lip Colour’ lipstick in Sangria. For £1 it was only right to give it a go. I’ve used Sally Hansen nail varnishes before and they proved to be fairly long-lasting and come in beautiful shades, but never have I tried the lipsticks, which, to be completely honest on this occasion, I wasn't as impressed as I thought I would be. Despite the fact the colour was not as dark as I thought it would’ve been, it was still gorgeous. The lipstick itself was too moist and shiny and would soften and pale at the slightest touch, making it impossible to blot before using a lipstick sealant. Although the lipstick wasn’t very successful and long-lasting, I don’t regret buying the pack at all. There’s still the lip-gloss/lip treatment & nail varnish to test out, and the lipstick could still be used for future shoots. 

The search for the perfect red lipstick continues. 

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