Tuesday, 17 January 2012


When I'd moved up to University for my Degree in September after my Foundation Diploma, my wonderful friends/house mates and I ventured out on a jungle themed night at a local bar/club. My love for stripes took over and I decided to go styled as a zebra. I'd never dressed up as one before and thought although the make-up would be simple, would just be a bit of fun. My Make-up consisted of my usual black, striking eyebrows and black liquid eyeliner on the top lids, but I brought the flicks out quite far to make them look more dainty. I applied a lot of white highlighter to make my eyes look wider, false eyelashes that were large and pointed and resembled the wonderful eyelashes of a zebra, and created stripes onto my face using a variety of different black and white cosmetics to see what worked best. I sculpted a large quiff and a back-combed ponytail to represent a mane. My clothes were simple and consisted of a striped t-shirt, a black high waisted skirt, black tights & black shoes. It was just a fun piece of styling for a night out that we all dressed up for & had a good time.

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